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>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008 <<

Oh yah!Anyone got play Auditionsea?
If got,add me :D
---LOVEx <--(Kimberly)
------x33 <--(Daryl)
Okay?And if you are online,tell us who you are!or the worst might happen... TT

7:58 PM

>> <<

Oops!Long time no post le :X okay,currently december holidays,then we need a new blog for a whole new year ! no more tags?okay,since we all same class,then no pic? furhst no pic uhh.cos gt new student.needa update here and ther,busy busy busy!luckily there is Bernice :D anyway,TAGGS FOR 5IGNATIUS :DDD wheee!

Laughter is Contagious :DD
Kimberly :X

7:54 PM

>> Friday, November 7, 2008 <<

Heyys 5Ignatius!!How are u?Kimberly heres!yup,we are organising a EOY Class party.Please contribute something to the party yahh?BUT NOT MONEY!!we do not want any problems like when belinda&crystal went to use pur $8 on lightsticks that we do not really need so WE NEED YOU TO CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING :D!Also,Hope ALL of you had scored well!I change the song,hope you all would like it as it is related to friendship,just like our class!No matter wht difficulties we faced,we do not solve it alone :) Okay?Got to go now,so,Bye!!


10:25 PM

>> Wednesday, October 29, 2008 <<

Hi everyone!
Hope all of you had done well in your exams!
Pleased to know that our class highest for mathematics is...
Teh Wen Qi!Congratulations!
Some people got 70+ for their English paper 2!
Some of them are...
Jolene,Phyllis,Kimberly,WenQi(again,is it?I think so.)!
Lets all work hard again...
For our PSLE and the prelims next year!
Hope all of us are still in the same class;
Posting for 5I,
Kimberly Koh.
Sorry if you feel embarrassed ><''

1:46 AM

>> Monday, September 29, 2008 <<

hi all!
today had our oral.
english and chinese.
so was it hard or easy?
hope that we all can meet Mrs Loh's goal.
the three Wows!
good luck for the coming SA2 too.

8:14 PM

>> Monday, September 22, 2008 <<

Hi all!:D
Hope all of you had a fun day today...At the Science centre!A bit sad...Mrs Loh did not come to school today :'(
Mr Yeo,did not allow us to take a class photo so it was very sad for me...There was nothing much for me(maybe you too :D) to do there actually...Went there for a science talk about Forces!!Opps!I got a little scolding from Mdm Lua...I thought that i could eat in the hall but!I could not...Well...nevermind about that!After the talk,it was about 3+pm already!yet we need to line up and wait for the bus!!Then...a parent volunteer OR teacher let us go buy some food at McDonalds!Mr Yeo let some of us go and play at the what I think of as a "Science Play Corner" :D Laugh!

Kimberly Koh :D

and with the help from my friend,

Bernice Tan!! is one of the photo!!

Sorry but I could only post one photo because it make my computer LAG!!Ohno!!

Posted For 5I,
Kimberly Koh


6:16 AM

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008 <<

Today is...TEACHERS DAY!!
yarh...MRS LOH!!
Today 5I celebrated TEACHERS DAY!
but...things went on VERY WELL!
3cheers for 5IGNATIUS!
Kimberly was the "deejay" for the celebration.
BUT,she used YOUTUBE.Then,Class did not really like
her taste of SONGS .
Then finally,MRS LOH told Kimberly that she was not to
play anymore songs as there were some parts of the video
that the class cannot see.
But oh,nevermind.

Posted by:Kimberly koh :)

11:37 PM

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